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Urban Paintball Field is designed around Scenario and speedball. It has an Urban Village feel crossed with a Apocalyptic Theme. It makes the scenario field fair and balanced. From the fort to the village; the trenches to the pill boxes; the center flag platform to the 30' towers, everyone is guaranteed a challenging day.  This field is easily one of the favorite fields.  Are you brave enough to go for the center flag?


 The Grasslands Field is exactly what it sounds like.  A true woodsball field without being too big so you never see you opponent.  This field brings the essence of true woodsball with tall grass and a maze of paths with close counter encounters and long shot opportunities. This field rewards players who are not afraid to sneak through the brush and eliminate the enemy.


The Depot is a Junkyard themed 4 corner square map designed to give a unique play experience. With a High Side and Low Side broken up by a tree line down the middle this field really changes up the angles.  Lots of little peek shots and hiding spots on a medium size play zone keeps you on your toes.  This field definitely rewards those who can clear one side and flank around the other to clear out the last players.


Postal is a speedball style field with mirrored bunkers. 10 to 20 Players can skirmish comfortably on this field. It definitely is one of the most popular fields at Pentagon Paintball. The name "Postal" comes from the materials used to built it not the act of going postal...


Regulation NXL Airball Field, Opens in the Summer Months.  

We are constantly changing the layout of the field to match what the current professionals play on.  This is a hyper aggressive field that rewards those willing to take risks and attack their opponent. Perfect for 3 man and 5 man teams!

Make sure to ask about when our team players are holding practices!

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